Hi guys,

First, you can read the first day report here, second and third day here.

This is the real FUDCon Puno report, on this article I will explain, How we organized FUDCon?, What were our problems before FUDCon?, What were our problems during FUDCon?, How we solved these problems? or how we could solve these problems?, What we couldn’t solve? and What we could do for do a better FUDCon?.

Well, begining on…

How we organized FUDCon?

After we have the BID aprobed, we stablished priorities on Venue (Universidad Nacional del Altiplano and Universidad Andina), Accomodation (Cozy Lucky Hostel) and Food (La Casona Restaurant), talking about the venue, we picked both universities, this is important because always there is a probability to lost one, we need plan B, the last two things were payed by Red Hat and the venue was provided by UNA.

Out of these three items, we need other secondary items like t-shirts, flyers, stickers, booklets, etc.

Initially myself and Aly were talking with the universities and some enterprises for get sponsors, I think that was the most stressfull moment because you need to separate your time for do these talks and some people didn’t want to sponsor anything, that is a spend of time.

Other important moment is when you search people who want to help to FUDCon organization, in other events we have friends who always helped, but for FUDCon these people were lost, that was a problem, I will explain why after.

When some days left for FUDCon, comes the moment for wait people at the airport, if you found people who want to help, it is easy.

At the FUDCon day, it is more spontaneous because a lot of things what you had planned don’t work or missing things, it depends a lot in your helpers, you never decide everithing, chill a bit and leave to people to take their own decission, this is important because  you probably had experience but your helpers need to learn and grow too.

What were our problems before FUDCon?

  • The FUDCon budget was reduced: If you don’t know about it, now you know.
  • Few sponsors: Puno is a little city, there are few enterprises y more few related to technology.
  • People who before helped us can’t help us now: My old friends team called “Código Linux” (who help us to organize other events like FLISOL) can’t help us for a lot of reasons (studies, family, work, etc), and we were searching new people, that was a hard part because the new people didn’t have experience about events.
  • Time: I have my business, and we organized Fedora Weekends before FUDCon, that needs a lot of time for prepare sessions, I couldn’t leave my business but all is possible having a schedule.

What were our problems during FUDCon?

  • Roles: I organized some events with my friends but now I was relatively alone, and I felt myself like a noob, why?, because I didn’t grant roles very well to my helpers, I don’t want to say excuses but I didn’t had helpers to one week before FUDCon, all happend fast and we had short time for assign roles.
  • Program of day: For an event, you always need to write a program, this is important and we forgot it, your program need a list of things for do step for step at the event, things like “say Welcome to attendants”,”opening”, “presentation of speakers”, “explain to people what is barcamp”, “begining of barcamp”, etc.
  • Internet connection: This is the most unlucky part, we had two plans (A and B), but these two plans failed. 😦
  • The main problem, NEVER PROGRAM ONE DAY ON SATURDAY: That is easy, on saturday a lot of people do other things like “house cleaning”, “sleep some hours more”, “get lunch with family or friends”, etc. this means what on saturdays is posible don’t have attendants.

How we solved these problems? or how we could solve these problems?

  • The FUDCon budget was reduced: Make it simple, and only spend money on important things.
  • People who before helped us can’t help us now: We coldn’t solve it, but i think i can be solved mading more friends, being more sociable (ambassador), organizing more events.
  • Time: Making a schedule.
  • Roles: We couln’t solve it too, but you can solve it doing some meetings with helpers at least two weeks before FUDCon, or, FUDCon isn’t a party, Fedora people can help you when they arrive, you can request one hand them (that means request help) before the event, their obligation is to do a better FUDCon too.
  • Program of day: We couln’t solve it too, but this is an easy work, grant this role to somebody who want to help, you can’t do anything.
  • Internet connection: I think this is always a problem on Puno, or Perú, or Latam :D, but I was working on that, doing a wireless connection from near to out of the city to the venue, was a hard work but if you use the correct hardware you can solve it, but preferably do more plans, instead A and B, program C, D, E… X, Z.
  • The main problem, NEVER PROGRAM ONE DAY ON SATURDAY: Just don’t pick saturday and sunday if your event will have two or more days.

What you could do for do a better FUDCon?

  • Fedora Weekends: We did some thing what was positive for FUDCon, little events called Fedora Weekends, we explained basics about free software, linux and Fedora, to more complex topics like BASH, why it was positive?, there we found people interested on Fedora and people who wanted be part of Fedora.
  • Mentoring at FUDCon: Thas wasn’t our idea, @echevemaster had the initiative, he (packaging), @wolnei (design) and @mayorga (translating) did the mentoring work with some groups of people, a lot of they were people who attended to Fedora Weekends, that was only the begin, we will continue the mentoring work.
  • Assign roles to current Fedora people: I will repeat, FUDCon is not a party, then the people who will attend to FUDCon as speakers should help you when they arrive.
  • Meet your team work every FUDCon day: Organize a meeting at the end of every day of FUDCon for talk about “how they are feeling?”,”what they are think about that day?”, “what was did well?”, “what was did wrong?”, “what ideas they have for do a better FUDCon?”, etc.
  • Contact the past FUDCon organizers: They also know what other problems or what other good ideas can found for your event.
  • You tell us, the comments are open for this post, or you can mail us.

That’s all.

Thank you for read my post guys, we will write this post on spanish too, sorry if my english is terrible, I’m still learning.